Car Shipping Insurance

One of the many reason folks tend to transport their vehicle instead of driving is car shipping insurance. When shipping your vehicle you are not required to buy additional insurance as the price you are quoted by auto shippers usually have car shipping insurance factored into it already.

When comparing auto transport quotes, make sure to ask the auto shipper if the price quoted does already include car shipping insurance, and you can always request it in writing from the company that you decide to ship your vehicle with.

Most auto carriers have $100.000 cargo insurance and between $750.000 and 1,000.000 liability insurance. When transported, your vehicle will be insured from the moment of pick up until it is delivered.

To make sure your vehicle arrives at the same condition it left, make sure to do a condition report with the carrier prior to your car being loaded into the auto transport trailer and the same thing is redone again when it is delivered to make sure nothing happened along the way while it was being shipped.

In case of any damage during transport, make sure to document any damage with pictures, because insurance companies will not usually honor any claim if it is not supported by picture. The condition report will come very handy as well when filing a claim as it describes the condition of the vehicle before and after shipping.

Car shipping insurance will vary between open and enclosed auto carriers, as enclosed auto carriers will carry higher limits, because they tend to transport more expensive vehicle then open auto carriers do.


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