1- What is Auto Transport Aid ?

We are a facilitator between you and the auto shipping companies, we are a completely automated platform to help you receive and compare car moving rates.

2- How many bids will I receive to ship my vehicle ?

It all dependents on the route your vehicle will be traveling, we usually match you with up to 8 auto transporters, or the best single transporter for the route you requested.

3- Is auto shipping insurance included in the rate quotes ?

Yes, all rate quotes will include auto shipping insurance, however, you should check with and verify with auto shippers about their pricing methods.

4- Can I ship items with my vehicle ?

Per F.M.C.S.A regulations ( Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ) auto carriers are not authorized to carry household items, and only the vehicle is insured during transport, however, other auto shippers will allow a certain amount of items to be shipped with the car. Check with each auto shippers for specifics.

5- I am under obligation to accept an offer ?

Absolutely not, you could use the rates you receive for a later use, or just to see how much auto shipping cost if you are deciding to buy or sell a vehicle.

6- Are there discounts for military, seniors and students ?

A lot of the auto shippers in our network provide discounted auto shipping rates for qualifying groups. Make sure to check with each auto shipper to see which one honors discounts.

7- How long it takes to pick up and ship my vehicle ?

It usually takes 2 to 5 days to get your vehicle picked, and for transit times, please check our resources page. Each auto shipper has different date, please check with the auto transporter you selected for time frames.


Alex P

I tried shipping my SUV with a company that I had contacted directly and they had me wait for 2 weeks and never picked my car. I went back online and found Auto Transport Aid, that I was able to use to get shipping quotes and finally got my car shipped. Will use again !

Megan T

I have never shipped a vehicle before, and this site was a lot of help. I was able to select a reliable carrier and get my car shipped to California.

Adam A

Great service, the site was easy to use and we received quotes as soon as we clicked send on the form.

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