Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico Auto Shipping

Whether you are a military member, moving for a private job or joining family in either Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Alaska, you can turn to Auto Transport Deport to get competitive auto shipping rates. Vehicles sipped to one of these destination require a different kind of preparation and process then vehicles shipped within the mainland, so please check with the auto shipper you select for a complete list of auto shipping preparation and the documents needed.

Shipping your vehicle to or from Hawaii could be a confusing task if you have to call around for price quotes, rules and regulation for shipping your vehicle to the Island and what paper works is needed to process the shipment. With Auto Transport Aid, with one short form, you will get price quotes that will allow you to compare multiple companies and their service offerings, and decide on which company to choose from. Once you have decided what shipper you will use, all you have to do, is provide them with the pick up and delivery location of your vehicle and they will do the rest for you, by guiding you on the necessary steps for an easy auto shipping process.