Helpful Tips

After filling up the quote form and receiving your car shipping quotes, and once you have decided on which company to go with, here are some helpful tips for a safe and speedy auto shipping experience :

- Do not have more than a ¼ tank of gas in your vehicle : having a full tang of gas will add unnecessary weight to your vehicle while being shipped which could delay the pick up and delivery of your vehicle.

- Make sure the alarm is disabled so when the carrier loads and unloads your vehicle into the trailer the alarm does not go off.

- Make sure any long antennas are removed or retracted, as space on the auto transport carrier is limited and optimized.

- We suggest that you prepare your vehicle for its destination, especially if it is going to be shipped to a colder region of the country where it might need antifreeze, or engine coolant if it is going to a warm destination. You do not want your vehicle to reach its new destination and not function properly because of a change in the weather elements.

- Outside racks , such as ski racks, bike racks, … are usually suggested to be removed to allow the vehicle to be properly fitted and secured to the auto transporter’s ramps.

- We suggest that you clean your vehicle thoroughly for a proper inspection before and after it is transported. Your vehicle should be inspected by the carrier before he picks it up and when he delivers it to make sure it arrived at the same condition it left. The condition report done prior to pick up and post delivery is what is usually referred to as the Bill of Lading.

- Make sure to tell the auto shipper of any modification done to the car or truck you’re shipping, such as a lowered chassis, a lift kit or any other non standard vehicle modification, so the proper carrier is dispatched to pick up your vehicle with an ample amount of space to accommodate the modified vehicle.

- Your vehicle will loaded and unloaded into the car carrier, so make sure your vehicle’s battery has enough charge in it, for an easy load and unload.


Alex P

I tried shipping my SUV with a company that I had contacted directly and they had me wait for 2 weeks and never picked my car. I went back online and found Auto Transport Aid, that I was able to use to get shipping quotes and finally got my car shipped. Will use again !

Megan T

I have never shipped a vehicle before, and this site was a lot of help. I was able to select a reliable carrier and get my car shipped to California.

Adam A

Great service, the site was easy to use and we received quotes as soon as we clicked send on the form.

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